What’s a party without good tunes? Well, it isn’t really a party, is it?! ‘Round our gaff we offer an array of DJs and party animals playing all sorts! Have a swatch, you’re sure to find something which takes your fancy…


The first Friday of each month this renowned Glasgow-based collective bring you the absolute best in Bass-driven club music and Electronica from the UK and beyond...

DJ Greenman

An extremely versatile turntablist, Greenman is rapidly upcoming in the UK Club scene with his homegorwn blend of Reggae, Hip-Hop and RnB. This little bud has flowered into a hi-grade selecta - catch him 1st Saturday of every month.

Matthew Craig, Aka Kappa (iAm)

Kappa trackie Techno. House-Meat-Disco. Junk Funk. D.I.Y. RnB. Arty-Farty Indie-Schmindie Dancy Prancy and plenty of Grooving Underground Dance hits, with a smile 🙂 Witness all this and more, 2nd Saturday of the month.


Third Friday of every month Flat 0/1 welcomes Tom Livingston & Stu Alcane to the DJ Booth (plus the odd guest DJ or three) to smash out an eclectic mix of House, Techno, Disco and Garage. Previous guests have included: Ray Vose (Sub Rosa), Rebecca Vasmant (Ministry of Sound), Lindsay Green (White Noise), Twonko (Void), Mash (Mixmag), Mr. Tuner (Handpicked), Gnarls (Mia Dora), Peacock (Discrete) as well as Joshua & Greenman (Stay Fresh)..


The beginnings of Boogaloo couldn't have been more humble or unplanned. Three Glasgow Dj's armed with one simple idea. A club night that was simply fun and friendly. They started off playing resident nights around the city centre before taking up permanent lodgings in Flat0/1. Their nights have grown in reputation for their atmosphere, vibe and all-welcoming policy. A night to go to with friends but more importantly, a night to make some new ones. The 3 Dj's, Euan Mii, Piper and Doug Harris have a long standing love for music and are as versatile as an egg when it comes to their selections, playing everything from Deep House, Funk, Soul, Disco, Tech House and Techno. Leave your high heels and hats at home as the Boogaloo boys will have you movin' all night long. Catch these guys tearing Flat0/1 a new one 3rd Saturday of every month.

All U Need

Pretty much as it says on the tin, this group of Dj’s will play everything you desire from the vast pool of dance music. Always pulling in a great crowd, you’ll instantly be welcomed onto the dance floor by all their regulars and you’re thirst for a good auld dance will be quenched.


Disco. These guys love their Disco. They don’t only play Disco. But they sure do love their Disco. These troops and a little mental. They will lure you onto the dance floor with some nice uplifting blends and before you know it you’ll be taps aff down the front getting covered in MadDug, sweat and tears of happiness.


Angles consists of four childhood friends, 'spinning all degrees of electronic'. We like to recreate that house party soundtrack where just about anything goes without being judged.
disco//house//hip-hop//garage and everything in between, with a focus on keeping the dance floor rammed start to finish.

Capri Collective

Born in a party flat not too dissimilar to ours, the Capri Collective is a group of 7 friends who know what they want to listen to and aren’t afraid to go all out. Goldy Biscuit, Baz, Kanga, Luigi, Paddy D, Rory G & Chris M play a vast selection of dance music that would take far too long to list. Everything from the most minimal and melodic house music, to the hard hitting Donks that originated from the north east of England, these guys are the king of progression and aren’t afraid to keep stepping things up.

Goldy Biscuit

A member of the Capri Collective but a musician that holds his own, Goldy Biscuit stays true to his humble and friendly personality even when behind the wheels of steel in the Flat 0/1 booth. With the soul intention of putting a smile on everybody’s faces, Goldy B, aka Amadeus plays some of the most melodic and uplifting songs this place has ever seen.

Keep It Rolling

Keep it Rolling teams up with the mighty DSR sound system on the first Thursday of every month to bring you one of the best Reggae, Dancehall, Jungle, & DnB nights this city has to offer. If you like working up a sweat and feeling the baseline in your chest, then this is the sound system night for you. Known for their dope production and hi-grade selectors, these guys will keep the rhythm alive inside of you long after the night has come to an end.

DSR Soundsystem

Founders of the original Unit and now current owners of the mighty DSR sound system, DSR Dubplates & Unknown Entity record Label, the DSR boys are no strangers to Glasgow’s thriving underground techno scene. Professional sound engineers & expert turntablists, these guys know exactly what sounds good through their 18,000watt rig. Teaming up with some of Scotlands best Dj’s, Producers & Live artists, if your looking for a good taster of what Scottish Techno is like, these are probably the guys that will showcase it best.

Never Grow Old

Worky & Eristic go head to head twice a month to bring you an eclectic selection of jams. Worky, part time selecta at Buff Club’s Killer Kitsch, and Eristic, the gaffer of buff club, will play everything from soulful jazz to euphoric 90’s rave. Whatever’s going on over your side of the Dj booth, Worky will pick a track to match it. How fast will he go? That’s for you guys to decide...

ESEF & Loui

Ran by Dj / Producer Loui Cleghorn and ESEF from Tribal Pulse & one of our very own door stewards, these guys will make it difficult for you to leave the dance floor. Even for a quick snout or a cheeky wee bevy. Often playing some of their own unreleased tracks, this will be one of those nights you look back on in years to come. Expect live sets, thumping techno & melodic jams all night long.